sagos survive!

S~ sister. check it- we have been anxiously circling the great transplanted sagos from last fall.


We had that epic cold spell that killed back sagos all over town and we thought they were doomed. Oddly, the big girl didn’t even take freeze damage, the other 2 –not so much. We had to cut them back to nubs. 4 weeks ago the second one flushed out. But you can see little stump there on the edge. We watched and watched and waited and finally last week the homeowner asked us to just cut it back. She was thrilled that the other 2 big ones survived the transplant. We begged for one week reprieve. We seaweeded it, we talked nicely to it, we threatened it, we coddled it and lo and behold-


He rewarded us this morning with this- on June 6th. It’s 104 degrees today- poor little thing. But dios- these are some tough plants. Dr. Kasulka successful again. Schwing!! xxoxojb