Alhambra in NYC

S- the sunday party pix in the Times this morning reminded me of the exhibition at the New York Botanical Garden- didn’t you intern there back in the day? The guests wore blue to match the exhibition. You know I love love love that kind of effort.


Did you see the NYT Alhambra story last week? I think we are going to visit Granada in the fall to see the gardens and also run to Majorelle.


Lavish garden books are a major treat- but there is debate on how much of a garden you can grasp from a picture. I’ll be curious to see the exhibition in NY and if it’s able to capture the allure of what I dream the Alhambra is like. It’s in the conservatory so that’s already a little creepy some how vs the light and shadow of the harsh spanish sun. But the harsh African and Spanish light and heat are from whence we learn here in A town. It’s been 99 degrees all week. umm hmm, with that i’ll sign out. xoxjb