I’d rather be protesting

Girl- We finally finished those planters at the Ashton Luxury Rentals on Cesar Chavez and Colorado last week. It was a wacky week to be downtown- as Occupy Austin was gaining a little steam at City Hall a block away. Spirits were high-mornings are low..now hovering around 70 degrees, the location is prime and the current landscaping that we get to replace, well,

dead tree.jpg

let’s just say we were teed up for success. Morale slipped a bit as we shoveled trailer after trailer full of sludge from the planters…. hmm, wonder why all these plants are rotting?


Ah- 1 drainage hole, buried irrigation lines and pure clay. Because we didn’t know what we were going to find, we had already decided to cap the irrigation and plant cactus. Heaven knows with the drought predicted here through 2012 it’s the path to success if you need something to look stellar.


As the boys did the Lucy and Ethel grape stomp, more and more protesters began to stream by.


hey, look a friend at CoA.


anyhoo. After a couple came by, rather lubricated, yelling out to the boys- HEY look at all those WHITE BOYS working. and i kind of tried to keep all the boys in the planter rather than running after the couple- Abercrombie suggested they tape signs on their backs that said “I’d rather be protesting”. ahem. time a finito. X2.


Now we are humping it to prep for EAST- east side studio tours- second 2 weeks in November. You know i never cross 1 35 if there’s a festival- all those ppl walking around freaks me out. But here i am this year in the middle of it.


I think ppl are thinking we are a little too ghetto as we are prepping for our vertical veggie garden.

photo 1.JPG

JT’s in nerd heaven figuring out our Windowfarms exhibitions…hydroponics! He’s already been to the head shop- where he gleefully got to explain the charge to the accountant.

photo 2.JPG

and of course our cute little bedazzlers are being debuted this week.

photo 3.JPG

All for now. But you know there’s much much more. We are in our 6 week planting window so super slammed. Just joking. it’s 8 weeks. slay me. xxoxojb