Bachin’ it

S- back from honeymoon. more on that soon- but check out what the crew whipped out while i was galavanting across the pond. Our buddies from the Dogwood, Dizzy Rooster, Chuggin’ Monkey and Molotov called for a refresh @ Molotov in honor of their 5th anniversary.


They just needed a bit of flair to soften the upstair deck and also grab some attention off of west 6th street. And we can’t say no to these guys- they are really just the sweetest most polite bunch of guys we’ve run across. Their mamas did it RIGHT. And boy howdy, they are super cute all. We do love that in a client right? Anyhoo- we pounced on a theme that riffed on our mexican barb wire X molotov cocktail and ran with it. Alejandro popped a dish way up high and we distracted our insurance company while

60 inch dish up.JPG

the boys dragged a monster agave up with their asses hovering over 6th street. It was quelle charming to see the crew chugging cases of Ty Nant sparkling water on job sites so JT could cut their tops off. We lit up the bottles for slavic drama at night. Added some planters along the front and another dish in the back to echo et voila.

Dish with Agave and Glass 2.JPG

Project completed 3 weeks early. The Womack boys are thrilled. The bar is refreshed. sixth street may party on. more soon. xojb