west texas II

S- Whoa. We are slammed. happy and slammed and hot (already 96 today), so i’ll have to make this short- but i wanted you to see what i saw coming home last weekend from West Texas.


The fires were mostly out in fort davis as we drove through although you could still smell it and it smoked in some places. It was hauntingly beautiful. But- i mean, jesus. Talk about some tough plants- the yuccas burned up their entire stalks and still bloomed. The agave is still trying to put out it’s new flush. And really, i had to just throw this one below in. it kills me to pay so much for big girl ocotillos when you drive around and behold these beauties as far as the eye can see. But-the price we pay for legal plants right?! all for now. I’ll shoot you a photo tomorrow of the pre stocked boutique! We finally hired a boutique manager and should be open in a couple of weeks- have to find time to build tables… and so it goes. hope you are well. xoxojb oh yeah- I changed my name back to Blakeslee. I’m now Mrs. Julie Dee Blakeslee. word sister. jb