W love

S- i wrote this postcard right after we finished the W (but cdn’t figure out how to embed this video. 40 year olds unite and conquer your media) at last, the residence pool planting day in living color…. xojb But really the news is that we finally finished the W! the planting conditions were insane- a front was coming in and the wind…. the wind…. toto!!

Justin and the Blustery Day from Big Red Sun Austin on Vimeo. video above of Justin’s patented blind planting technique. We were crushed though we when learned that the W gave the maintenance contract to another firm. We had definitely planned on pruning, and turning and fluffing as the years went on to evolve the nutty lush look that had been requested- which as you imagine is quite a challenge on a super hot windy high rise! In particular, we had the idea of giving the residence side a lawn (yes of real grass)- a naughty little high rise living gift. But, you have to really tend to a newly planted lawn in scalding heat and i’d assume it would be a pretty high use area. A garden is such a living being- it needs care and tough love and long term relationships to have it grow up to be all that it can be. I probably would have presented a more simple planting scheme if we had known we were going to leash someone else caring for it- live and learn i guess. We still love our little garden we’ve let loose on the world up there and wish her the very best. more later xoxojb