Luxe Interiors + Design

Julie Blakeslee deemed one of the “Style Makers” in the Austin and Hill Country Luxe Magazine.

“Many people don’t think that their garden has as much to say about them as their interiors, but that’s not true…”

Martha Stewart Living

In the “Our Finds” section focusing on the East Austin neighborhood.

“When owner Julie Blakeslee moved this garden-design shop to new digs just down the street, she also upped the ante on the style front. More than ever, Big Red Sun caters to the city’s design conscious clientele…”

Martha Stewart Living- March 2012 story

Coastal Living

#### OCT 2010
Big Red Sun Venice named one of the Best West Coast Shops!

Austin Monthly Home

#### SUMMER 2010

Write up in Austin Monthly Home’s “New and Notable” talking about Julie Blakeslee (then Thornton) joining Selena Sounders in the Austin Big Red Sun.

Garden Design

### Garden Design
#### March 2010
When Catherine Hardwicke needs a break, she’s out of her desk chair and into her garden to snip, pull and pick. “Every day I eat something out of the garden,” the Twilight and Thirteen film director explains, while showing offa surprising variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs in her modest front yard, just steps away from the lively boardwalk in Venice, California. On the heels of Twilight’s box-office success, Hardwicke purchased the house adjacent to her classic beach bungalow on one of Venice’s walk-streets and merged the tiny gardens by enlisting fellow Venetian and Texan, Big Red Sun’s Selena Souders.

Angeleno Interiors

#### SPRING 2009
Garden Partied! “Keep Venice Funky. Step right up and make yourself comfortable on the pebbled patio, or stroll through the textural display gardens and the succulent nursery. Kick back with old-school and neo-hippies alike.”