Julie Blakeslee

Owner / Partner

Julie Blakeslee, formerly Thornton, has extensive experience designing gardens, interiors and events. In 2010 Julie turned to her first love of gardening and joined Big Red Sun Austin as owner and a designer. Julie prefers classic designs that are kept relevant with the subtle inclusion of contemporary elements. Because a garden is a living entity, to be successful it’s design must consider all aspects of how the garden will be used, perceived and cared for.

While beautiful design is always a major consideration, Julie keenly understands that client service and attention to detail are of the utmost importance. To that end, Julie has assembled a top notch team to assist on all aspect of garden design build projects.

Project Team

Joanna Rechnitz


Courtney DiSabato


Alejandro Nieri

Construction Manager

Claire Warren

Project Manager

Kirsten Rechnitz


Jackie Monical


Elona Rose