ho hum


Yawn. We cut down our sunflowers and got tagged the next day. A stylish olive green color but really not much effort put behind it. I might just white out the letters so we don’t lose the ghost behind it. I was thinking we should go ahead and start a real garden out there – but it’s a scorcher site- so it was going to be all cactus anyway. I guess now it’s going to be really aggressive cactus garden. Hmm. Maybe our mexican barb wire +

Blue Glass wall 2.JPG

a vicious cactus garden would be a nice Pemberton Heights marketing piece. We are having quite a little crime wave over in west austin. Big Red Sun offering natural crime deterrents. Good for frisky escape prone teen agers as well. and a nice bonus is that broken glass and agave are about all we want to plant right now. I think we need a lexicon change here in Austin- all people are saying is “this summer is brutal”. But i mean the last 2-3 summers have been pretty intense. So maybe just accede: “our austin summer is brutal” and deal with it plant wise you know? and just deal with it. plant wise. miss us? xoxojb