Big day last friday!


We have in our possession the rare and elusive (at least East of I-35) official Certificate of Occupancy for our new office. As you might imagine, it was no easy task. Our final request from the city was to move the new toilet 2 inches closer to the wall, which of course immediately made it start leaking and then for some suspicious reason back up 60′ down the line. Our plumber, who was unable to clear the blockage suggested “well, why don’t you just put your toilet paper in the trash can like everyone else?”.

Ignore. repeat. But- hey check it out.



I decided to blow off subtle signage when our ultra hip designers at Arts and Recreation suggested we paint our giant new logo over the ghost graffiti on the side of the building. They outlined it last weekend and while Paul was fishing out an extension cord from the back- our new neighbors called the cops on him. Which is extremely kind of them, and more kind was the cop who just told him to carry on blocking the street with his overhead projector and if the neighbors called again he’d take his time coming back- so get on it white boy. And they did- check it out….

17 feet of Big Red Sun from Arts and Recreation on Vimeo.

Cute little beasts. My new year’s wish is that only really talented graffiti artists engage with our logo on the wall. We will grow topiaried fig ivy on the rest- the shape of said ivy is still being heavily discussed. Christmas party is tonite….. more tomorrow. xoxjb