Lake Austin

In 2001, current BRS Austin owner, Julie Blakeslee approached BRS to install a garden at her lake house and a relationship was born. Julie requested a pool and please also a “groovy” stair case that looked great from the boat and also from the house. Julie presented a reproduction of a Saloman Huerta painting and asked Selena if she could make the front of the pepto– bismol pink lake cabin feel like the painting. Yes. Yes. And yes. The resultant bubble staircase burbling into the orange shaped hot tub struck just the right tone and provided a decade of party perfect and party proof space.

West Lake Hills

It doesn’t get much grander than this. With meticulous attention to detail, Big Red Sun turns a blank canvas into a handsome, multi-level setting almost indistinguishable from the indeginous vegitation beyond the property line. Carefully chosen materials cool and soften the hardscape. By planting natives to follow the contours of the land, they’ve put the garden in pleasing and proper context. — Emily Young, Garden Design


Connecting a curved house and a sloping hillside with a new outdoor living space required a mathematical design with an elegant, yet fortified solution. Using local hand-cut antique limestone, board-form concrete, and steel we created a bi-level patio with a formal dining area and a more casual gathering space below.


The goal of this project was to maximize this urban back yard and unify it with the home’s living areas. We wanted to craft the garden into a usable outdoor room, so our first priority was to level as much of the first terrace of the sloped yard as possible. Then we edited planting material with two functions in mind: Plants needed to be viewed as decoration from inside the house, while also conveying a lush feeling while in the garden.