monday blues-b-gone

S- it’s humid and 80 degrees- holiday weather right? Justin was all excited that his woodie was finally brought into the family last friday afternoon. But ese manana, he was pulled over for our expired inspection sticker and the truck immediately stopped working- it is now once again at Just Jeeps.


Our monday production meeting was starting off with a cloud for certain until the fed ex man arrived with our new swing! (and all the replacement tools that were stolen when the trailer was stolen from our lot a few weeks ago)


What we needed was some instant gratification mama- so JT dragged out the ladder and warned us that he was only going to adjust this once.


or four times- and justin made his day better by planting it up with ivy. bien sur we practice what we preach- swings make everything better. This one from droog theoretically grows ivy up the ropes for that romantic era feel. xoxojb