mommy it’s loud


We moved into the new office on Friday. Dios Mio- it’s horrid being your own client. We are SO last on the list after all our clients- so as you can imagine- we just threw all our crap in and tried to pretend it was clean. Thus we are working in a construction site. I mean- is this REALLY what it sounds like to live with Chucho welding all day? I feel like we should include a xanax prescription in our estimate for the poor moms or nannies that are home with this racket.


We still have a giant hole in the wall for the fleetwood doors to the courtyard but poured the concrete threshold (and the fountain) for them today. I love how nervous the crew is when they pour for a client- it’s pretty much a one shot deal. But pouring for us apparently is more fun than anyone should be having at ahem 7 am. See them hone their supervisory skills…


I know this is how clients feel when they look around and think is this ever going to look like a garden? But all the confederate jasmine is coming in on Thursday for the trellis and the irrigation is stubbed out and the keggerator is plugged in. So i guess it’s all going to come together. We are supposed to have the opening party on Nov 10th BUT no way are we going to make it.

But it’s good for us to be back on the east side and to look down Cesar Chavez and see the original blue house- mother ship BRS. all for now mama- i gotta get my clorox clean up on. xoxo J