Meet me at the doritos stage

S- How can you miss all this?

Image 21.jpg

i should have added, please don’t pee on my new garden. You know i loves me my SXSW. We taught the new girl Kate to play hipster homeless rockstar to enhance her first experience with the parade outside our windows. I did have a wee freakout on the guy who was sleeping in his van for a few days along side the building. Justin went all organic on him like any other pest. first with sea weed spray on the garden, then a bit of composted manure. none of which really didn’t seem to budge him. A friend last night pointed out that perhaps he smelled worse than anything we could throw at him. mercy sakes alive-the whole thing makes me bolt. It was good timing because I needed to get up to see the NYC apartment one last time as it is under contract. I can’t remember if I told you that it was published late last year in NEW YORK Rooftop Gardens by Charles de Vaivre. Ooh la la. It’s a big old phat spread- and it’s nice to have it documented before another girl gets to have her way with it. It’s hard to leave an established garden. Terraces are a little more instant gratification than in ground gardens- but still they take time. And the patience is worth it- but i’ve such a hard time getting our clients to chill with the fact that construction is messy and takes time. And sometimes things have to go backwards to go forwards. Below is what the terrace looked like before this girl got her hands on it.

Copy of terrace 1.jpg

you know i can’t resist a little fake grass.

NYC apt oct 210.jpg

then the discouraging backwards to go forwards….


Image 3.jpg

It was imperative to install a perfect new roof membrane. it took forever to make sure everyone one came by to inspect it- but this is the foundation on your house- what’s underground is the most important of all. And of course it’s what keeps rain off your neighbor below-lawsuit city in NYC- so wait to get it right. beginning to lay the marble custom cut tiles. no grout for drainage. lots of tips for the freight elevator guy.

Image 2.jpg

custom planters from brooklyn.

Image 8.jpg

finally, the uppity fake grass.

Image 6.jpg
Image 11.jpg

Scented geraniums for the inaugural season’s annuals.

Image 9.jpg

then finally 8 months later, move in day. (i should have kept the pink on that vintage couch)

Image 13.jpg



and 4 years growth gets perfect hedges (the remnants of a dinner party visible there)


Clearly, i’m feeling all nostalgic. I had some fancy photographer come and take pix of the inside- if he ever gets them back to me, i’ll put them up so you can see them. well- as long as we are imbibing in some real estate porn- check this listing out that we went to go see when we were there. gorgeous right? i begin to get obsessed all anew because there’s always a new garden to be made…xojb