leap year luck?

S- look at this scraggly ass start.

Image 2.jpg

I mean, i’m probably hormonal- but-for heavens sake- does this look pathetic or what. It’s February 29th and I’m sweating through my shirt direct planting seeds into the ground, simultaneously thrilled that there has been no winter and petrified of what this summer might bring because there has been no winter. dig bitch dig grumble.

Clearly I’m super pissy- so i already yanked out a giant coral bean tree from last year that was supposed to be an anchor. It just looked too messy (had JT pull it up in exchange for a cupcake). And the one at the back is also on my list too unless i’m in a better mood tomorrow. Normally i’d all be happy that black sunflower seedlings were volunteering from last year


but Justin drove up at the end of his day and was pissy too.

And I’m all- should they live?

And he’s like nah- they bloomed last year we took a picture and then they crapped out fast from the bottom up.

So they are out. I’ve nuked the red hot pokers I special ordered in toffee brown. They looked too strappy with the oxblood lilies which i know will work better and i’ll be desperate for a fresh bloom in the fall.

I opened up my pack of lime green nicotina seeds and they are freaking microscopic.


WTF am i supposed to do with this? just sprinkle and hope for the best advises Justin. I open the coleus seed and there are solomente 10 in there- really? So i just kind of dust them under the black pomegranate tree and in front of the nicotina. Now the black pomegranate stick in a 6″ pot has already sprouted out a few leaves so we looove her. Good girl.

I decided we needed something more meaty by the BRS sign so popped in an agave weberi- and i’ve got this idea that i want to grow the red pumpkin underneath it- which made Justin’s eyes roll back in his head- until he got his game on and was all like- yeah. WE can DO that. rearrange the irrigation to drip, mound the agave. Now I’m all thinking the pumpkin vine will be ugly or take over the sidewalk. but SO cool to have a big red pumpkin doing it’s thing there all summer.

I did decide on my linking colors- chartreuse and silver. So I popped in a few Artemesia -i thought it could help disguise the icky bottoms of the black cannas and love the whole absinthe link to the hades garden.


But there are a few things that aren’t here yet because- ahem, it IS still February (as I keep telling our clients) and it’s hard to be patient and not fill the holes because of course I ordered too many plants for the amount of space. I mean, why do we do this every year? Whatever- tomorrow’s another day and we’ve still over 1/2 the border to plant. I’m sure it will all pull together. And look at this AWESOME jump we get on it planting it on leap year day. That has to be good luck non? xoxojb