is it air-conditioned?

S- since we were talking about maybe maybe maybe sneaking back into interior work here and there, I was wondering if you had seen the project I did at ArtPace summer before last? ArtPace is an artist residency program and the artists’ flats needed an overhaul. The director asked that the spaces be very flexible work live space. The artists asked that it be clean. The artists have studios to use during their 6 week stint, but many like to work in their rooms. 3 flats: 1 for an international artist, 1 for a national artist, and 1 for a Texas artist. Lake Flato did the initial fit out 15 years ago. One flat had an earlier life as an giant car lift elevator area and they had built a sleeping loft into this flat. The climb up was so treacherous, that Artpace had habitually given this flat to the Texas artists b/c “they handle their alcohol better”.

South flat_55.jpg

But even strong Texas boys and girls most times ended up sleeping on the couch.

South flat_8.jpg

So we had to make the big decision to take out the flat- losing square footage but lengthening their lives. These are the life and death decorating issues we work with down here in Texas.


For all 3 flats, we devised ink stained, DIY flavored murphy beds. (i call this shot below- artists trusting artists)

East flat_5.jpg

The requested touch of Tejas evidenced as the pull down handle for the beds…


As for the whiff of S.A., Riley- who basically has run ArtPace for the last 16 years, introduced me to super cool custom low rider shop called Get It Up. yes. please. The main guy there, Josh, called me “mama” and told me my wish was his desire. My first wish was for him to customize my Ikea Vent-a-hoods. yes.


but when i became enamored of a custom low rider truck and needed to have it immediately to drive back to west austin. The answer was “those are only for special occasions mama”.


You know i try to sneak camo into every project no matter what Target is selling. So was thrilled to finally be able to use the Bisazza tile pattern of my dreams.

West flat_40.jpg

Well hell, i guess this is all the air conditioned time I can manufacture this morning while doing my nursery stint on the 4th of July weekend… i’m going back out in it. Have a good holiday. xoxojb