S- hmm- wonder why i’m thinking about igloos? Check out these living bamboo igloo things I saw in the Villa Carlotta gardens in Como a couple of years ago. Let’s get someone to allow us to do this in their yard. For the patient client, at Big Red Sun we offer living forts. Or super chic woven living fences…schwing!

Como 098.jpg
Como 099.jpg

Have you been reading about American artists Mike and Doug Starn who are recreating the Big Bambu by the Guggenheim at the Venice Biennale? We saw it towards the beginning of it’s iteration on roof of the Met last spring. It’s really rather startling that the bamboo poles were directly on the balcony pavers. just sitting there.

You had to give your first born and commit some serious fashion crimes (sneakers, fanny packs only) to be allowed up on the structure in NY so we didn’t climb aboard.


But in Venice, you know those Euros, they’ve always been a bit more Darwinian and you can just get all up in it.


thus the peeps have created a little lounge….


and an hibachi area…with cup holders (go america! always a place for your frappuccino)


You know the how they work right? It starts out as a scaffolding or whatnot at the beginning of the exhibition and then they add to it over the course of the show. The NY Times had a good story about it at the opening a few weeks ago.


stream of conscious analysis: I guess i’m wishing I were in an igloo of living bamboo on the grand canal. drinking. yes. xoxojb