fall fashion

S- loverly to see you in ATX this weekend. I just got back from NYC- where it rained so much my annuals may not recover and did a little work replenishing my fall closet. Which now consists of me shopping for dark linen sale items for work wear. vey. But what up with the fact that I can always find room for fall fashion in my closet. But here in the nursery, (which of course is smaller than yours was down the street) when i want to go shopping for more plants for fall installs I don’t have a place to put them? Ah… now i understand the idea behind a sale. But- it’s killing me that there are still fantastic orange trees here dripping with fruit- cold hardy! taste great!

photo 4.JPG

Tried to place them with a client this week, but she preferred to wait for the fall lemon trees, which i also love, but hers are dead b/c they froze last winter- freezing. Hah. seems rather far off right now, but still something to be aware of. Why not plant hardy mandarins?

And the beautiful agave medio pictas?! drought hardy, cold hardy and beautiful. I love you my girls… why aren’t you gracing someone’s urns?

photo 3.JPG

We don’t have many of our cedar/juniper order left. They are so freaky cool and weird- they should be planted as sculpture. and heaven knows, they are fully climate adjusted now.

photo 2.JPG

But listen to this- i’ve got the urge to buy for fall- O great hopes for FALL hurricane rains because a friend of mine who was running Newton’s has left and get this is setting up a wholesale nursery on Tillery. We are in hog heaven. One of the best buyers in the state- up the street and best friends with mon new husband. Sweeeet. Mama needs to make room. So, first sale starts this weekend until end of August. talk to you soon. xoxojb