chez moi

S- I thought I would post the progress of my new garden, so clients could check out the process of a garden build. So, you know I purchased the house in February with an existing 1960′s pool. I started work immediately getting the pool underway because it was well- a death trap. The CoA power lines went over the pool and we couldn’t get a permit unless we buried them- a major major undertaking. But here it is November 4th a mere 9 months later and after a new foundation, new plaster, new tile that matches the 1960′s and new filtration system the pool is just now ready for prime time.


It’s particularly distressing that the property looked somewhat cuter when i purchased it than how i’m living in it day to day. Note the quaint screened in BBQ house back there. Good to know mosquitos were as bad in the 1950′s as they are today. Mosquito Nix to the rescue.

Demo is oh so fast- but reno hay dios mio. It’s killing me- why and how did i kill that grass? oh- right no irrigation system. I’m having to do it in stages too as we won’t be able to build a cabana until January when I assume we won’t be working in the field for clients. I’m trying at least to get the back to an area where it’s not a giant mud pit- although the dogs don’t seem to mind that aspect in the least.

The front of the house was old lady overgrown paradise and it killed me to thin it out- but I needed to bring my garden over from the old house. I’m thrilled to say that the guys transplanted everything so well, the camellias didn’t drop a bud and have begun to bloom. My poor oakleaf hydrangeas have now been moved 3 times- some 4. I cannot believe they are all still with us. Hopefully, under jackie’s green thumb it will be old lady overgrown paradise soon enough. And I found a tiny brick planter on the chimney. A friend told me that Mrs. Aickmen, the previous owner always put coral geraniums in the boxes. But everything I try to put there looks way too perky and freaks me out. I planted a lot of vines on the front of the house…so hopefully that will cut the perk enough to pop some cute flowers in.


I took so much out on the side of the house it went from full shade to full sun. Oops. Opportunity for a rose garden; you can see it from the kitchen window- a cool surprise. I hid a vulgar mauve rose back in there- they look great in the house but in the garden… debatable. When I see all this in person, I automatically like you do see it full grown, but when I see it in photos- I sympathize so much with our clients. Really? All this work and these spindly little things are what we get? But oh next spring and next fall… divine. oh wait- in this picture, i see mosquito nix put sprayers in my rose garden yesterday. That should kill them toute suite- curses. More later on the mud pit in the back. best, Julie