Call me Chucho

S- another day in paradise. a favorite client asked if we could clear a few branches out of the lake while we were doing a bit of planting on the property. roger that. Chucho began whacking away and JT began pushing and pulling on the limbs in the water while I, as usual got on the phone.


A few minutes later, JT snuck up and made some motions like we’re going to pull it out of the water. yes yes. fine fine. A bit later- i turn around and they’ve got the truck hooked up to something and are making whooping noises. Perhaps time to wrap up my call and pay a modicum of attention – we were not strictly on our client’s property at this point. Why do you need a chainsaw? And where did Chucho find a boat? and HOLY SHIT what is that?


Chucho’s caught himself a whale.The guys were giggling like horrid teenagers. Our options were somewhat limited at this point. As tempted as we were to try and drag it out to the middle of the lake- we did have it most of the way on shore so I called for the chainsaw- and ah bring an extra chain mmkay- and I scuttled back to the office hoping for the best. An hour and a half later I receive this text. that’s our boys. Happy weekend. xxojb