“We had a very boring backyard that the previous owners planted with grass and plants not indigenous to Texas. It took massive amounts of water to keep it alive. In addition, when it rained the water stood for days up close to the house. The drainage was only from evaporation! We contacted Big Red Sun to help us because they have a stellar reputation in eco friendly design. We are absolutely delighted with the results.”

Some of the reasons we like BRS are:

They planned the project well.

All the people are pleasant to work with and will adjust to any special requests.

They understand drainage issues and solved them. When we had the 12” rain in 24 hours in October, there was no problem. It drained exactly as expected. Many of our neighbors were not so prepared and had expensive water damage.

They made use of some existing plants to hold the costs down.

The plant selection (mainly succulents) they made is creative and colorful. The survival rate was 99%.

The workmanship was meticulous. They have very high quality standards and they met them.

They designed the landscape so it is optimum an all angles.

They understand that we did want to water or do much maintenance. The maintenance is minimal. The water usage went from 30,000 gallons in the summer to 3,000 gallons.

The wow factor. They understand how to turn a boring yard into a work of beauty.

We liked everything – we have not one complaint.

They did the installation work almost a year ago now and we are ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED with the work.